Digtal Records


 US injury Centers operates a paperless document repository and utilizes best of breed, state of the art technologies to provide an ultra fast, electronic, case-on-demand records transmission system. The system employed by US Injury Centers is an upper end product used in many banks, insurance companies, and government agencies.

With just two simple clicks of the mouse, the US Injury Centers’ staff can provide attorneys with complete medical records. Attorneys, from their offices, can also connect to US Injury Centers’ secure HIPPA compliant data servers  using any standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) like Ipswitch’s WS_FTP software.
Once a member of US injury Centers’ staff assigns a case to an attorney, the attorney can simply login, and over a secure internet connection, download the entire file. The ability of attorneys to obtain records in such an efficient manner should allow for the expeditious processing of the legal claim.







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