It is the responsibility of the personal injury attorney to obtain the highest settlement possible for the client that he represents, who may have sustained injuries in an automobile, slip and fall, or work related accident. Whether injuries are relatively minor or more severe, personal injury attorneys seek to obtain maximum case value for their clients. To accomplish this goal, personal injury attorneys must be able to very specifically demonstrate the extent that their clients have been injured by the negligence of the at fault party.
Physicians’ medical records are used by attorneys to prove their cases and to help obtain maximum value for their clients. The directors of US Injury Centers believe that if physicians follow proper medical protocol and assess, diagnose, and treat accident patients in a thoughtful and conscientious manner, objectively and diligently documenting findings, then both medical and legal interests will mutually be served.   US Injury Centers' directors believe that personal injury attorneys have a right to expect that their clients’ injuries be accurately assessed through detailed history, examination, imaging studies, x-rays, electrodiagnostics, etc., that appropriate medical specialists such as neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons be utilized, and that individually designed treatment plans be carried out. US Injury Centers' directors believe that personal injury attorneys have a right to expect this not because it helps them prove their case (which it does) but because treating patients in the manner outlined above is tantamount to providing good medical care.
Similarly, US Injury Centers' directors believe that attorneys have every right to receive clear and concise medical records, not just because they need them to help prove their case (which they do), but because good medical care necessitates having thorough and accurate patient notes. In sum, US Injury Centers' directors maintain that while it is advantageous to the personal injury attorney, in his quest to settle cases for maximum value, that his client’s injuries be accurately assessed, diagnosed, and treated and that medical documentation explicitly describe all permanent impairments and residual limitations, such practices also personify quality medical care.




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