Ten Reasons to Have Your Client Examined


  1. An Emergency room exam is not comprehensive. Your client may be injured and not know it.
  2. Your client may have injuries such as whiplash. These symptoms may not present themselves for hours to weeks later.
  3. Medical professionals agree that the first 72 hours after an accident are critical. Proper documentation of treatment is crucial in achieving a higher settlement for your client.
  4. Automobile accidents can cause injuries at speeds as low as 6-12 miles per hour. Although physical damage to the car may not exist, your client may be injured. Have your client examined as it will effect their settlement.
  5. A soft tissue injury is permanent. Get your client examined by a US Injury Center specialist. Proper treatment and documentation lead to higher settlements.
  6. US Injury Centers provide a multidisciplinary approach for your client’s care as well as 24/7 access to patient files.
  7. If your client’s injuries are not treated and documented properly, they do not exist in the eyes of an insurance company.
  8. Get prompt treatment and minimize the risk of your client’s benefits being denied or limited.
  9. US Injury Centers will examine and treat your client with a signed letter of protection.
  10. Refer your client to US Injury Centers physicians and specialists for a comprehensive exam providing medical and legal peace of mind.


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