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US Injury Centers is a corporately owned, multistate network of healthcare clinics offering medical and chiropractic services to injured individuals.


US Injury Centers offer a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to assess, document, and treat patients who have been injured in automobile, slip and fall, and work related accidents.


Since many of US Injury Centers patients seek legal representation to address the injuries they sustained through the negligence of another party, US Injury Centers maintains professional relationships with law firms. Many law firms refer their clients to US Injury Centers because of the quality care all patients receive, the courteous manner in which patients are treated, the professional medical-legal way that treatment plans are managed, the accurate documentation and attention to details provided by the doctors and the ease of obtaining medical records. Additionally, lawyers appreciate the prompt and regular notification they receive from US Injury Centers’ physicians regarding the treatment status of their clients. Legal representatives of US Injury Centers’ patients are also welcome to contact US Injury Centers’ clinical director via phone or email for more personal client updates.




With offices in different regions of the country, US Injury Centers are accommodating to all ethnic groups and minority populations. Many of US Injury Centers’ staff members including doctors, therapy assistants, clerical personnel, and transportation providers are multilingual. Therefore, when patients call for an appointment or come for treatment, they typically speak to a staff member in their native language. To make the public and other professionals more aware of US Injury Centers, a broad based advertising campaign is continually presented via television, radio, and print media.



Law firms can contact US Injury Centers to discuss our services or to refer clients/patients by calling the corporate office at 561-495-1212 or by dialing our toll free line at 1-877-711-HURT. In most cases, patients will be scheduled for appointments the same day they or their legal representative call the office.



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